Repair Services and Warranty


Playtime Repair Services strives to keep all saved data during repair. However, due to the nature of some situations, saved data cannot always be retained or recovered. It is the responsibility of the customer to back up and restore saved data.


Our pricing takes into ac​count many factors, such as time cost, parts cost, difficulty of repair, business operating costs, etc. We do our best to give customers a fair price, but we do not price match other repairers or waste time negotiating prices with customers. 


Most repairs can be completed within two business days. If the required part(s) is not in stock, additional time may be requested. 


We do not repair water damaged devices. 


We don't offer any jailbreaking or unlocking services.

All repairs are covered by a one-year warranty. Our warranty liability is limited to repairing or replacing the defective part(s) we supplied. If physical or liquid damage occurs on the device after repair, the warranty will be voided.


Replacement Parts Sales and Warranty

Our parts are only sold to qualified professionals.  Not for novices!
To ensure that our parts are in good working order and performance, they are rigorously inspected and tested at least twice, once before storage and again before being handed over to the customer.
All of our parts come with a one-year warranty. If the items returned are damaged as a result of improper installation, the warranty will be void.
We are not liable for any damage caused by the customer to the repair equipment or the repaired product during the part replacement process.


Used-item Sales and Warranty


All Open Box, Used, and Refurbished items are guaranteed to be genuine, fully functional, and stable in operation. 


We provide a limited time warranty on the Open Box, Used, and Refurbished items. The warranty will be void if the items returned are damaged as a result of improper use.


Payment Policy


Payment methods: We are currently only accepting cash payments as our debit machine is not yet available. If paying in advance, payment can be made by Interac e-Transfer.


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